KE-lligraphy Workshop

Date + Time
Sunday, March 26, 2017
11:00am - 1:00pm

Honey Crumb Cake Studio
177 Western Ave W #268A, Seattle, WA 98119
[Lots of street parking within a few blocks of the Studio]

A carefully curated workshop, structured to teach the building blocks of modern calligraphy.
This 2-hour event will include: practice, practice, practice of letters + words with a pointed pen, a basic calligraphy kit, insider information about sourcing the best calligraphy products, and one-on-one time with calligraphy designer, Krisanna Elizabeth. Guests will also enjoy slices of delectable cake, made from scratch + with love by pastry chef extraordinaire, Carla Schier (owner of Honey Crumb Cake Studio).

The KE-lligraphy workshop will be a styled event -- I can't help it, I'm a wedding designer too, after all! I won't ruin the surprise, but think minimalistic with soft neutral, gray, and ivory hues. As most people know, I am a big fan of the little things, so there will be lots of little details intermixed as well. I want you to feel at home in a beautiful setting, while you practice a beautiful art.


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What do I need to bring?
Everything will be provided as far as calligraphy tools go -- I just need you and your beautiful smile.

What if I've never even held a calligraphy pen before?

What is in the KE-lligraphy kit?
An oblique calligraphy pen holder, 2 different nibs, ink, paper, lettering guide, as well as a couple of other surprises.

Do I get to take my calligraphy kit home?
Absolutely, it's all yours. Happy practicing!

I have bad handwriting so I probably shouldn't even bother, right?
WRONG!! Your normal handwriting has nothing to do with learning calligraphy. That would be like saying your handwriting is the equivalent of how you cook. They're very different skill sets that require different building blocks.

What can I expect to learn in two hours?
Calligraphy is an art form that requires a lot of patience + practice. My goal in teaching this workshop is to help you feel comfortable holding/writing with a calligraphy pen and give you a kickstart in your calligraphy journey. I'm self-taught and I wish I'd had the opportunity to learn from someone, so my hope is to be that person for you.  That said, my preemptive advice would be to not take it too seriously! Relax and have fun with this new challenge.




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