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A B O U T   K R I S A N N A

I am a wedding planner + calligrapher, based in Seattle, serving internationally.

My biggest passion in life is helping other people and I whole-heartedly believe that the little things make the biggest impact. Aside from that, hugs, rose gold, tea, dessert, and laughing 'til I cry are a few of my favorite things. I've loved the Seahawks + Mariners since I was very little and the Backstreet Boys will forever be my favorite boy band. Animals + chocolate are my favorite forms of therapy. My favorite part of a wedding is the first dance and I cannot resist the Cupid Shuffle.

Both event planning and calligraphy design allow me to work with the aspects of life that I am most passionate about, but I love learning about all areas of my industry and have had some incredible opportunities to do so, including: working as a floral assistant, interning for a wedding photographer, and being a venue coordinator at the prestigious Lairmont Manor. I am also a volunteer for the annual Get Hitched, Give Hope charity event.


L E T ' S   C O L L A B O R A T E
I would love to hear all about your love story!





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